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October 22, 2002 - Over the boards ... with Kris Draper
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Over the boards ... with Kris Draper

By Joanne C. Gerstner / The Detroit News

Labatt or Molson? Both fine Canadian beers. ... Labatt's. Why? I don't know. Just like Labatt's more. 
Green thumb or plant killer? Definitely plant killer. Green things die around me. 
Seen any good movies lately? With two little kids (Kennedi, 2 1/2, and Kienan, 7 months) at home and my schedule, we never get out. I've seen nothing all summer. But I do watch TV. 
OK, OK, favorite TV shows: "Alias," "The Sopranos," "The Practice." I really, really like "Alias." I like drama. I also love "Law and Order" re-runs. Great show. They're on all the time, even in the early morning when I might be up with one of the kids. 
The Draper kids' favorite shows: Big fans of "Barney and Friends." Yes, even I like Barney, too. It makes me happy to see Barney make the kids happy. Good enough for me. "The Wiggles" and "Baby Einstein" are big hits. Look out for "Baby Einstein." That's like the next big thing, I think. 
You're home alone with the kids, what do you cook? Kennedi loves spaghetti, and I can boil water. I'm even luckier with Kienan, he's still in the baby food and formula stage. I heat up a mean formula. I can handle that. 
Favorite food: Anything seafood, fish. Can't get enough of that. 
Can't stand ... I'm not really a picky eater, but I'm not into beets. And no onions or garlic. Yuck. 
Best thing you did with the Stanley Cup was ... eat Froot Loops out of it with Kennedi. We washed it out really good, of course. You don't know what's all been in there. I also put Kienan in the bowl of the Cup. He fit right in there. It was very cute and we took a lot of pictures.