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Bio and Personal Info
My Kris Draper Page

Name:  Kristopher Bruce Draper
Birthdate:  May 24, 1971
Birthplace:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Resides:  West Bloomfield, Michigan
Height:  5'11"
Weight:  190 lbs
Sibling:  two sisters
Marital Status:  Married to Julie
Children:  one daughter Kennedi, one son Kienan
Position:  Right Wing
Shoot:  Left
Last amateur club:  Ottawa 67's
Drafted:  Selected by Winnipeg Jets in the third round (62nd overall) of the 1989 NHL Entry Draft
Became a Red WingTraded from the Winnipeg Jets for future considerations ($1 USD), June 30, 1993.
Rookie Season:  1990
Contract Status:  active
Contract Ends:  2004
Seasons:  12
Compensation:  $1,150,000.00 USD
Roommate on the road:  Darren McCarty
Birth of the Grindline:  February 1997 with Kirk Maltby and either Joey Kocur or Darren McCarty








Resides in suburban Detroit with his wife, daughter and son;

Enjoys golf, mountain biking, movies and paintball;

Community service involvement includes being spokesman for Partnership for Drug-Free Michigan.
Playing for the Red Wings' charity softball team, as well as golf and mountain biking, are among Draper's favorite off-ice activities. Kris is also a spokesperson for D.A.R.E.

NHLPA Player Bio
Kris played one season with the Ottawa 67's of the OHL. The centreman tallied 19 goals and added 42 assists in just 39 games. In 17 playoff games with Ottawa, Kris scored eight goals and totaled 19 points. Kris has also played with Moncton (135 games, 67 points) and Adirondack (46 games, 43 points) of the American Hockey League.
In 1988-89, Kris tallied 11 goals and had 15 assists in 60 games with the Canadian national team. He followed that with 12 goals and 22 assists in 1989-90. Kris also played with Canada at the World Junior Championships in 1990-91. He represented Canada at the 2000 World Championships.
Kris Draper was drafted 62nd overall in the 1989 Entry Draft by the Winnipeg Jets. On October 4, 1990, Kris made his NHL debut with a goal against the Maple Leafs. After playing two more NHL games that season, he then played ten games (two goals) with the Jets in 1991-92. After another seven NHL games the following season, he was then traded on June 30, 1993 to the Detroit Red Wings for future considerations. In 1993-94, he scored 13 points in 39 games as the Red Wings won the Central Division title. In the playoffs, Kris scored four points in seven games. In the shortened 1994-95 season, Kris scored eight points in 36 games as the team again won the Central Division title. In the playoffs, he helped the Red Wings win the Clarence Campbell Bowl in the Western Conference finals before losing to the Devils in the Stanley Cup finals.
In 1995-96, Kris scored 16 points in 52 games as the Red Wings won the Central Division title with a league-record 62 wins. In the playoffs, he helped the Red Wings reach the Western Conference finals before losing to the Avalanche. In 1996-97, Kris scored 13 points as the Red Wings fell to second in their division. In the playoffs, he helped the Red Wings win both the Clarence Campbell Bowl and the Stanley Cup. It was the Red Wings first Stanley Cup championship in 42 years.
In 1997-98, Kris scored 13 goals and 23 points as the Red Wings again finished second in their division. In the playoffs, Kris and his team successfully defended their Clarence Campbell Bowl and Stanley Cup championships. In 1998-99, Kris scored 18 points and knocked 82 hits as the team won the Central Division title. In the playoffs, he Red Wings reached the second round. In 1999-2000, he was limited to 51 games, but still scored 12 points and knocked 69 hits. In the playoffs, the Red Wings again reached the second round.
In 2000-01, Kris scored 25 points and co-led the Red Wings with a +17 plus-minus rating as the team won the Central Division title.

Here is Drapes Q & A from RWW
QUESTION: Is there anyone you like to hang out with on the road? What city is your favorite to visit?
RESPONSE: To be honest with you, we hang out with a lot of guys. Thatís whatís good about this hockey club, we do not have little clicks. When we get out on a road trip, thereís two or three guys who kinda go their own way, a lot of guys will go out for dinner, a lot of guys will go to movies. Like I said, itís a close knit group and thatís why I think our success has been so big. Chicagoís always a fun city to go to. Iím from Toronto so I enjoy going back to Toronto as well. Vancouverís a really nice city. Obviously when we get to big cities like L.A. and New York it's fun to go out to dinner and stuff like that. Itís nice that we get opportunities like that.
QUESTION: Was there anyone who was a personal mentor when you came into the league?
RESPONSE: We were lucky that there was a bunch of us that broke in during the same year. Whatís left now is myself and Darren. Kirk and Dandenault have been here a long time also. There have been a lot of guys that have been around since we all came in. The veteran players were very good to everyone. Thatís what makes the team so special, you know. Itís the same thing going on right now. Weíre the older, veteran players and weíre taking care of the younger guys and making them feel part of the team.
QUESTION: Do feel like your role had changed since youíve been here? Have you taken on more of a leadership role with the younger guys?
RESPONSE: Iíd like to think so. I mean Iíve been here for awhile and Iíve been fortunate enough to win three Stanley Cups. I have been through a lot with this hockey team. Obviously a lot of disappointments early on and then by winning it last year and three out of the last six years has been unbelievable. I think the guys that have been here for a while obviously do take on leadership roles, and I think our roles as individuals have evolved as well. Thatís exactly what you want as a player.
QUESTION: Would you be in favor of the NHL adapting to a more Olympic style of hockey?
RESPONSE: I donít think you can go full Olympic style because youíd have to change every rink in the NHL, and thatís obviously something that you know would cost too much money and wouldnít happen. I think our game right now is doing really well. I think itís a fun game to watch. I like the idea of hurrying everything up and you know for the face-offs itís a good idea. Obviously everyoneís adjusting to it, but you know the pace of the games are a lot faster right now.
QUESTION: What would you like to do when you are done with hockey?
RESPONSE: I donít really know. Hopefully I donít have to think of that for a little while longer here. I donít know to be honest with you. I donít know what Iíd like to do.
QUESTION: What is your favorite moment as a Redwing?
RESPONSE: Iíd have to say my favorite moment is when Stevie gave Vladdy the Cup...our second Cup that we won in Washington. When Stevie grabbed the cup and went right to Vladdy and gave it to him. Anytime you think about winning a Stanley Cup, thatís probably one of my favorite memories.
QUESTION: Who do you think is the faster skater, you or Dandenault?
RESPONSE: I donít know. Dandy flies. Lets just say we can both get from A to B pretty fast.
QUESTION: What has helped you to achieve your early season success this year?
RESPONSE: I think itís obviously getting the opportunity to play with Sergei and Shanny right off the bat. Things started going well and the puck started going in. I got a lot of confidence...just kept shooting and taking the puck to the net. I think that is the reason I got off to a good start. The bottom line is getting ice time too. I have been playing a little bit more than I have in past years. Obviously when you play with Sergei and Shanny your gonna get more ice time, and get more opportunities. I think thatís the reason I am off to a good start.