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My Kris Draper Page

Welcome to My Kris Draper Page

Welcome to My Kris Draper Page.  After this past 2002 Stanley Cup Finals, I decided that it was time for somebody to do a page for this hard working player and my favorite Red Wings, Kris Draper.  You will find all kinds of information about him and also, my personal pictures as well as my friends pictures.

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Also, if you want to contribute to my site by sending me pictures, stories or encounters, please do not hesitate.  I tried to find a fan page on Kris but never found one.  I know there is a lot of fans all over and I thought it would be cool for him to have a page dedicated for him.

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This page have been launch on June 21, 2002

Last updated on May 4, 2004

What's New ????
That's it, it's over... The Wings lost to the Calgary Flames 1-0 in OT to win the series 3-2. It's not that we didn't try, with over 40 shots on net, but then again, Kiprusoff played out of his &^%$hole again... Now, I guess that the Wings season is over, I will cheer for San Jose (for Wayne Primeau) and for Philadelphia (Keith Primeau). Now, the next step is to hope that the Wings signs Drapes to a new contract and hopefully, there is a season next October. Also, good luck Drapes on winning the Selke trophee after the playoffs...

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